Xenon Development Kit

Greetings! For years the Xbox 360 Alpha Development Hardware was cloaked in secrecy, details about this piece of hardware were scarce, and only a handful of pictures existed, much less of the XenonOS itself. Team XeCanada is proud to announce that we have obtained and analyzed a hard drive image from a working Xenon Development Kit. Hey, we’ve been on this project over the last few months working out all the kinks. Now, we can finally look forward to a release of XenonOS. This hard drive image will give people the ability to create their own alpha hardware and restore genuine kits which were long shoved aside. With your help, we plan to raise the funds (650usd) to recuperate the cost of the hard drive image, and project a Christmas/NYE release. Linked below is the Wiki containing everything involved with extensive detail, as well as a link to the fundraiser itself.

Credits go out to the following for their contribution to the project

AlphaDisruptor/Alpha (Wiki and extensive hardware testing, 1st working kit)

Demon (Wiki creation, information submission)

Bowser22/Xe (Obtaining hard drive image, hardware testing)

Borman (Hardware testing)

Yubi (Software analysis)

CodeAsm (Software analysis)

Gunz4Hire/Shuma (Information submission)

Yasen (Information submission)

*Recovery 2.0.1529.0 (Internal)*




Brilliant work by all involved in this project, it's amazing to see the 360 at such an early point in time! Keen to see the secrets of XenonOS and what more talented folk can do the more kits built/restored. Kudos XeCanada, you guys really have saved a true piece of digital history here :)
This is truly great. Shows us what can happen if people get together and make an active effort to preserve history, esp. video game history. Congrats to everyone involved, and here's to more discoveries about the Xenon Alpha kits.
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