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Prototopia's first video is live!

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It is with great news we can finally share our first video for Prototopia!

The first video is based on Backyard Heroes and was made by the same team as HaloMegaBloks you should checkout @Borman's video for that!

You can watch the raw gameplay or voice over versions below. Enjoy! ;)


Raw gameplay

How to preserve a HDD based Game System

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This guides a work in progress. It doesn't cover data recovery at this time.

It'll work on most hard drive based systems even if encrypted.

DISCLAIMER: if you mess it up, we are not responsible! Perform this at own risk!

  1. Most important! DO NOT EVEN USE THE SYSTEM! Using/Booting it can cause data to be overwritten/lost permanently, many of you may be eager to dig into the contents but this is how data is lost.
  2. Install Ubuntu Desktop 16.4 on a seperate drive, Windows can be risky and damage data to the point it is permanently lost! Linux/Ubuntu is the safest and best free option.
  3. Make sure your current HDD has enough free space to dump the drive you are wanting to preserve, If the drive is 80GB you need 80GB exactly free, more is best.
  4. Remove the hardrive from the system being cloned.
  5. Connect the HDD needing to be preserved to your Linux/Ubuntu setup. DO NOT CONNECT IT WITH... Site Archive & Prototopia updates

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As you're all aware, we had a long discussion about the future of the site a few months back and we decided that it's not worth keeping up. The scene was crashing due to all the childish people, the scammers, the people attacking game developers along with the influx of idiots who damage preservation and what it stands for.

We feel all information should be archived. It was decided to make an HTML archive of OG and release, but due to how XenForo works we couldn't get the CSS working as the file had letters Windows/Linux wouldn't allow so we tried fixing but gave up.

We're releasing the OG archive as is, the CSS is broken, but the posts that are public should all be here. anything that was private, such as builds which were contributor rank only, have not been backed up in this archive. Pretty much this archive is what google/guests could see.

You can download the archive here,

While things have...

Welcome to Prototopia!

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Greetings and welcome to Prototopia! Your new home for video game preservation.

What is Prototopia?

Prototopia is the new home of video game preservation, development and research into gaming history, brought to you by the former team behind ObscureGamers. We aim not to be the biggest, but to be the best.

What is our goal?

Our primary goal is to work together to preserve and research important parts in video gaming history. Prototopia is the new home for those looking for a mature, civilized and coordinated platform.

How can I join?

Unfortunately this community will be invite only to researchers, museums and high ranking collectors. Why is this? Simply we found all existing communities had a toxic nature, too many scammers among many people that cause harm to preserving this important part of our digital history. There's also too much drama!!!

All important finds will be announced on our blog/front...

This site is private and invite only.

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This site is private and invite only.
If we feel you warrant access, you will be contacted directly by one of the site staff.