GUIDE Dumping best practices

With the amount of new people lately doing stupid things, and destroying history. I've decided to put together a simple guide on best practices for dumping betas.

For most disc based systems have thankfully covered most steps, while their guides are strict we feel they're best and their guides plus tools can be found here:

We do understand some people may not have the correct drive types, so in these cases we highly suggest dumping with an means available. DVDisaster is a very handy tool and can dump most disc formats to an ISO. This sadly won't work on Dreamcast/PS1/Some PS2 games or the likes of 360 retail discs but will work for most other disc types. In the case of PS1/PS2 discs with multiple tracks IMGBurn will work by dumping as a BIN/CUE. Later versions of IMGBurn contain adware so older versions are recommended.

For Hard Drive based systems we recommend dumping the drive before doing anything, even turning it on could kill the system. Don't be like this user named hopefullyidontgetbanned who managed to destroy one of a kind builds, he installed rebug and played games which destroyed atleast 1 Final Fantasy XIV build which may now be lost forever, This user proceeding to release jailbroken dumps and inturn formatting his hard drive with a Windows PC... Our guide can point you in the direction and clearly states using Windows is a bad idea and not to use the system AT ALL.

For Playstation 3 consoles, the best way to dump the build is by decrypting the hard drive dump and extracting the data via R-Studio but we do understand you may not have the skills to do this. In these cases, and only once the HDD is cloned we suggest installing Rebug but make sure to use the right firmware. DECH 3000/4000's cannot be rebugged currently.

Once Rebug is installed install Multiman or enable WebMan, this'll enable you to use FTP, make sure your FTP tool is set to preserve timestamps. PS3 builds are very hard to date. So making sure they're datad correct is highly important.

DO NOT use Multiman's Folder to ISO tool, this doesn't produce a 1/1 build it actually modifies the data for CFW and isn't a pure dump. Only dump the folders as is with dates preserved. Target Manager sadly doesn't preserve dates even though an official tool.

The same also apply's to Multiman's BD to ISO function, this doesn't produce an original dump, it modifies the ISO and isn't a proper dump.

XBOX 360's are thankfully more simple, but again as above with PS3's the Hard Drive will need dumping first. Preserving timestamps is important still but not so much of an issue thanks to XEXTOOL which can date the builds XEX files.

The XBOX 360 also has XBOX LIVE builds, they normally have the header LIVE/PIRS do not extract these packages, release the original package as is. Extracted builds are often tampered with.

360 ISO's should also be dumped with a PC using Rebug's guides above, do not extract the data with an XDK/RGH as this messes with dates and doesn't produce an ISO.

Saving gaming history is highly important, and dumping data correctly is super important. If you dump it wrong history could be lost, data could be lost. The goal should to be save it as close to original as you can. Too often people download broken/tampered builds and reupload which causes issues years down the road for people trying to document it.