Prototopia Beta Build List

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Bully: Scholarship EditionRVT-H Build
Bully: Scholarship EditionNov 13, 2007RVT-H Build
Bully: Scholarship EditionNov 16, 2007RVT-H Build
Bully: Scholarship EditionJan 11, 2008RVT-H Build
Def Jam RapstarJul 26, 2010BUILD_20100726_NTSC RVT-H Build
Green Lantern: Rise of the ManhuntersFeb 15, 2010RVT-H Build
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter GamesJul 08, 2009 15:52:59Revision 27994
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter GamesAug 4, 2009 11:53:04Revision 28588
Nascar No Limits2011Incomplete, data was overwritten, from retail does work with final assets. build version: 13.004 RVT-H Build
Skylanders GiantsApr 10, 2012 10.35.31AMRVT-H Build
Skylanders GiantsApr 23, 2012 14.35.15PMRVT-H Build
Skylanders GiantsJun 28, 2012 18.35.59PMRVT-H Build
Skylanders GiantsJul 10, 2012 16.05.54PMRVT-H Build
Skylanders GiantsJul 10, 2012 16.15.08PMRVT-H Build
Skylanders Giants - Tag ProgrammerAug 04, 2012 15.12.59PMPrograms the chips in the skylanders toys RVT-H Build
Sonic & Sega All-Stars RacingDec 1, 2009 17:21:43PMPreview
Sonic Colors1/1 with final game minus being signed to RVT-R and on an RVT-R disc.
Sonic ColorsBitrotted, was rumored to have a level select and debug.
Sonic ColorsSold on eBay, Status unknown.
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IFeb 09, 2010WiiWare JP prototype
Sonic UnleashedUnknown/Private seller.
Spiderman 4Jan 15, 2010Unreleased game for unreleased movie
Spyro's KingdomMar 27, 2012 09.12.18AMEarly name for Skylanders Giants, doesn't boot due to network error? RVT-H Build
The Conduit2008E3 Demo RVT-H Build
The Last StoryNov 25, 2011v2340 RVT-H Build
The Last StoryNov 28, 2011v2350 RVT-H Build
The Simpsons GameJul 6, 2007