ObscureGamers.com Site Archive & Prototopia updates

As you're all aware, we had a long discussion about the future of the site a few months back and we decided that it's not worth keeping up. The scene was crashing due to all the childish people, the scammers, the people attacking game developers along with the influx of idiots who damage preservation and what it stands for.

We feel all information should be archived. It was decided to make an HTML archive of OG and release, but due to how XenForo works we couldn't get the CSS working as the file had letters Windows/Linux wouldn't allow so we tried fixing but gave up.

We're releasing the OG archive as is, the CSS is broken, but the posts that are public should all be here. anything that was private, such as builds which were contributor rank only, have not been backed up in this archive. Pretty much this archive is what google/guests could see.

You can download the archive here, https://archive.obscuregamers.com/ObscureGamers.com-August-28th-2018.zip

While things have been quiet here, we've been preparing the site for new information. We have videos coming soon of unreleased PS2/PS3/Xbox 360 games, we've also tracked down another 150GB of random PS3 betas to do videos on in the upcoming future.

All videos will be released on the former ObscureGamers channels in time so make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss out.

@Akira has been working hard finishing the theme here and has started work on our new prototype archive which will be public (no downloads, sorry this'll be a legal archive). It'll contain a list of all known builds for disc based systems and the status.

Sneak peak of that can be seen here,